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We have listed institutions and organizations in Israel and Germany which support the German-Israeli relations in sciences, economics and culture. This list is open. If you wish to be listed here, please contact us. We also aim at linking the GILSC to other organizations.


Institutions in Germany

Berlin Partner GmbH

Berlin Partner GmbH is a partner in site selection, foreign trade consultancy and capital city marketing. They provide investors on-site support, help Berlin-based companies tap foreign markets, and make the city a strong brand. Active both locally and internationally, they are engaged in local, European and international networks.
As the top contact point for companies, Berlin Partner maintains a close strategic partnership with the Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB). Working together for your success, they offer contacts in government agencies, banks, chambers of commerce and associations, research institutes and scientific communities, and companies throughout the capital region.


BMBF (German Federal Ministry for Education and Research – Department for bilateral German-Israeli Research Programs)
The BMBF has introduced important measures to strengthen education, research and innovation in Germany under the High-Tech Strategy for Germany and the National Qualification Initiative. We have significantly expanded our activities to promote talented and up-and-coming young scientists, have provided new momentum in the research landscape with our Initiative for Excellence and have created new jobs by introducing innovative technologies and services. We are continuing the Higher Education Pact, the Initiative for Excellence and the Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation in association with the Länder. We are offering every generation - whether old or young - the opportunity to develop their full potential. What we need are dynamic, spirited and well-qualified men and women who will introduce the innovations of the future in Germany. It is our aim to maintain Germany's competitiveness and to do so we need a new culture of innovation which embraces all areas of society.



About 80 companies from the field of red biotechnology develop drugs, technology platforms and diagnostics at the Biotech Cluster Rhine-Neckar (BioRN). Globally acting healthcare companies as well as internationally renowned research institutes also play a significant part in this development.

With its focus on personalized medicine and cancer research the BioRN cluster occupies a leading position in Germany. In 2008 it was awarded the leading-edge cluster for "Cell based and molecular medicine in the Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan Region".


Deutsch-Israelische Wirtschaftsvereinigung (German-Israeli Economic Association)

The German-Israeli Economic Association was established in 1967 with the aim to foster the special relations between both countries and peoples by economic cooperation.

The German-Israeli Economic Association offers advice and practical support, when it comes to business development between German and Israeli partners. Over 150 leading German and Israeli companies have joined the network. Prof. Teltschik, president Boeing Germany, is the German-Israeli Economic Association's chairman, the Israeli ambassador to Germany serves as chairman of the advisory board.

The German-Israeli Economic Association's services include relocation assistance to companies, focused scouting for marketing-, investment-, R&D- and strategic partners, business development, intercultural management coaching, HR recruiting services, organization of branch-specific workshops, planning and escorting of business trips to Germany. 


Israelisch-Deutsche Gesellschaft (German-Israeli Society) -


Deutsche Technion Gesellschaft (German Technion Society) -


Germany Trade and Invest

Germany Trade & Invest is the foreign trade and inward investment agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. The organization advises foreign companies looking to expand their business activities in the German market. It provides information on foreign trade to German companies that seek to enter into foreign markets. All inquiries relating to Germany as a business and investment location are treated confidentially. All investment services are available at no charge.


Life Sciences Center Dusseldorf

The Life Science Center Düsseldorf is a highly modern incubator that offers innovative companies optimal surroundings for the realisation and further development of their ideas.
Together with the Heinrich Heine University, the City of Düsseldorf and a close network of Partners they support founders, young enterprises, and research institutions in turning their scientific know-how into a marketable product or process. Naturally, this also applies to companies that are already successful in the marketplace and wish to expand. 


Israel Trade Center Berlin

The Commercial Department of the Embassy of Israel focuses on a wide range of activities and services aiming at the promotion of trade and joint ventures between Israel and Germany


Institutions in Israel

ILSI - Israel Life Science Industry
ILSI is a non-profit registered corporation, representing the mutual goals of the Israeli life science community. Its mission is to research, develop and advocate policies and actions that promote medical device, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and Ag-Biotech in the State of Israel and increase awareness of its strength and innovation worldwide.


German-Israeli Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Israel)

The German-Israeli Chamber of Industry and Commerce is the official representative of German trade and industry in Israel. It is a private, non-profit organization and promotes bilateral trade and investment between Israel and Germany, through a large array of services offered by the Chamber to Israeli as well as German companies.


Israel Export Institute

The Israel Export Institute (IEI) is an Israeli governmental agency which operates under the Ministry of Trade and Labor to facilitate trade opportunities, joint ventures, and strategic alliances between international businesses and Israeli companies.

Established in 1958, the Institute is a non-profit organization which promotes Israel's industrial capabilities through business cooperation on all levels. With over 2,600 member companies, which together produces over ninety percent of Israel's industrial exports (excluding defense exports and diamonds), the IEI introduces companies in North America, Europe, the Middle-East and the Far East to Israeli companies operating in various fields of interest, and provides assistance and information on the Israeli economy, development and market prospects.


MATIMOP - Israeli Industry Center for R&D

MATIMOP is the government agency that generates and implements international cooperative industrial R&D programs between Israeli and foreign enterprises.

MATIMOP, the executive agency of the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor of Israel (OCS), is the official National Agency for industrial R&D cooperation charged with promoting highly supportive policies to build Israel's industrial infrastructure, and nurturing industrial innovation and entrepreneurship.In recognition of its distance from global markets, the State of Israel enters into international agreements and has charged MATIMOP to aggressively expand opportunities for Israel’s industry to engage in mutually beneficial international collaboration. The development of innovative new commercial technologies, products and services is a high risk expensive proposition, often exceeding the capacity and capabilities of individual firms and even countries, therefore necessitating the OCS’s intervention and support.


MOITAL - Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor focuses on the promotion of economic growth in Israel. The Ministry is engaged in the encouragement and support of export and international commerce, in order to assist Israeli businesses in enhancing their exports and entering new markets abroad.


Invest in Israel - Investment Promotion Center

Invest in Israel is Israel's Investment Promotion Center at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. The center promotes foreign direct investment into Israel, and encourages additional investment by multinationals already invested in the country.


RAD Biomed

RAD BioMed is a success-accelerator for Israeli life science startups.
With state-of-the-art facilities, an entrepreneurial team of experts and broad contact networks, RAD BioMed incubates startups at various stages in the medical devices, biopharma and diagnostic sectors.

Our overriding goal is to help entrepreneurs successfully navigate turbulent start-up waters and empower innovation. We do this by ‘de-risking’ the start-up process with comprehensive support to turn breakthrough concepts into commercial products.

Starting at the concept-stage, we identify scientists with big dreams and help them to dream bigger. We provide the framework they need to succeed, including funding, mentoring, umbrella business development, marketing, HR and administration services and state-of-the-art facilities.The result: minimum time to maximum value.